The Second Period Party 🩸: More people, greater diversity in gender and ethnicity 👫👭👬
The second edition of the "Period Party" took place from May 26th to May 28th, with a total attendance of nearly ten thousand people. Participants who had attended the first edition noted that not only were there more people this time, but there was also an increase in the presence of individuals from different genders. The "Period Party" was jointly organized by GoMoond and the sensual brand "PURE&SEXY" with the aim of promoting a better understanding of the usually less discussed topics of "menstruation" and "sensuality," and initiating conversations about one's own body.

The birth of the "Period Party" originated from the inspiration that the two founders of GoMoond gained at the 2018 World Menstrual Conference. They discovered that Taiwan's menstrual leave policy had become a case study for other countries, and they were moved by the enthusiasm and joyful atmosphere surrounding the global focus on menstrual issues. They thought, "It would be great to have such a grand event in Taiwan!" With that in mind, they aimed to spark curiosity and discussions about menstrual issues in Taiwan, challenging people's perceptions of menstruation. This idea became a reality during World Menstrual Day in 2022.

This year's Period Party exhibition area includes static exhibits, interactive experiences, menstrual-themed food, workshops, and a stage area. Upon entering the exhibition area, visitors can learn about the origins of the "Period Party" and "World Menstrual Day 528" and gain a better understanding of menstrual actions and policy implementations throughout Taiwan. Elementary school students expressed that this was their first time discussing menstruation in such a serious manner, and attendees remarked that the event allowed them to approach menstruation in a relaxed and enjoyable way. People from Hong Kong commented, "Taiwan is indeed different"! 🙌🏻

We appreciate the extensive media coverage of the 2023 Period Party.

Ili Cheng Unboxes the 2023 2nd Period Party

This is a menstrual party for everyone!

Turning something that would be considered crazy if done alone into a collective celebration.

Menstruation is a monthly celebration and a life experience that half of the global population goes through.


The "Period Party" is initiated by the GoMoond®️ team, a group dedicated to long-term advocacy and promotion of menstrual issues. Approaching it from a celebratory perspective, the festival incorporates various forms of art, interactive games, lectures, performances, workshops, and food and beverages, all revolving around the theme of menstruation. It aims to present a refreshing and joyful period party atmosphere that captivates attention.

The "Period Party" is initiated by the GoMoond®️ team, who have long been devoted to raising awareness of and promoting menstrual issues. Embracing the concept of a "party," the event encompasses art creations, interactive games, lectures, performances, workshops, and culinary experiences, all infused with elements related to periods. Its aim is to create a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere that offers a refreshing and joyful experience of menstruation.

"Menstruation" and "orgasm" often find themselves in a socially tabooed position where they are avoided in conversations. This year, the Period Party is taking a special initiative by inviting the co-organizers "PURE&SEXY" to curate an exhibition that aims to destigmatize discussions around sexual exploration. This exhibition offers an opportunity for more people to understand their bodies and needs, empowering them to make choices that prioritize their comfort and well-being.

Menstruation extends beyond the realms of medicine, sociology, gender studies, and other fields. It also connects to a rich creative energy that can bring diverse perspectives and playful approaches through art, technology, entertainment, and more. By breaking free from conventional frameworks, it creates a fresh connection between the general public and menstruation.

Turning something that would be considered crazy if done alone into a collective celebration.

谷慕慕創辦人 史文妃&陳苑伊


The inspiration for the Period Party came to GoMoond®️ during their participation in the biennial World Menstrual Conference in the United States in 2019. They witnessed the similar challenges faced by menstrual issues worldwide, regardless of countries. This experience made them realize that menstruation extends beyond the fields of medicine, sociology, and gender studies. It also holds a vast creative potential that can be explored through art, technology, entertainment, and various other avenues. By breaking free from conventional frameworks, it aims to create a fresh and innovative connection between the general public and menstruation.

We hope that participants can approach the event with a more positive mindset and rediscover the meaning of being in a female body. Let's join GoMoond®️ and celebrate the Period Party together in a joyful way!

We invite everyone to join GoMoond®️ in leading society to celebrate with menstruation! Let's have a wild time together!

Invitation to guests

月經狂歡節 展覽統籌

Kurt Wu 吳承暉







三立新聞主播 / 2022 國慶大典主持人



Live performance




黃聿希 Victoria


Exquisite dinner menu

Event speakers


谷慕慕創辦人 / 月亮褲創辦人





社工 aka 情趣用品店員



Kundalini Experience



Vinyasa Yoga Experience

流動瑜珈的 Derek 老師強調「呼吸」的重要性,使動作順暢。參與民眾說,與身體對話意即了解身體狀態和運用力量。


大陰博物館 VR 遊戲


由凱娜所設計的 Minecraft 子宮模型,利用立體方塊模擬出女性內生殖器官,本次展覽更特別應用了 VR 技術,採取更立體的視角,帶你觀看與了解整個子宮的內部與構造,非常適合大人小孩一起來同樂。

快一起用 VR 身歷其境,走進子宮的世界吧!


Create your unique masterpiece!

In addition to showcasing discussions on menstruation from different regions in Taiwan and the creative expressions of artists, the venue of the Menstruation Celebration Festival also provides participants with DIY experiences, allowing them to bring back special memories from the festival into their daily lives

The workshop area in the exhibition venue offers the public the opportunity to create portable mirrors with the imagery of flowing menstrual blood and red leather keychains. Graphic artist Kurt Wu provides caricature portraits where participants can have their picture drawn alongside himself and the Menstruation Celebration Festival mascot, "阿經" (Ā Jīng). Throughout the venue, participants can be seen wearing festive red attire and adorned with intricate Henna body art. The DIY clay crafting of menstrual products is also popular among the participants.

Kurt 似顏繪

Russian Embroidery

Various Menstrual Art Exhibitions

Art Exhibition Showcasing Abundant Creativity in Menstrual-themed Artworks

鍾苡綾帶來的服飾作品將月經象徵結合在乳頭部位的服飾上,配件含沾血比基尼泳褲。楊詠筑使用經血創作具溫柔意象的作品。葉人華畫作中常見花朵元素、子宮附近的骨骼構造等。圖文作家穀子的作品《月經和解》探討月經經驗和不同生理用品帶來的改變。紙間設計的《紙子宮》展示子宮化作精緻宮殿的細節。左羿設計的《Oops 月經來了》是使用midjourney AI完成的作品,創作期間曾經歷「月經」一詞被AI視為禁詞的過程,引人反思我們身處的社會對月經的看法。mintverse重新將「月經」一詞定義為帶有希望的意象。糕點品牌「壹人派對」的作品《如何回應》,其中包含用特殊材質做的子宮模型,作品細節和擺放方式引起討論和思考。

服裝設計 – 鐘苡綾
AI 繪圖 – 經日
油畫創作 – 葉人華
甜點創作 – 壹人派對
地毯槍 – 周姿妤
紙工藝創作 – 紙間設計
花藝創作 – 烟花
NFT 作品 – 第二宇宙辭典
多元媒材 – 楊詠筑
漫畫創作 – 穀子

Exciting Performance Activities

Matters Big and Small about Menstruation



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